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40 Drawer Thing

Trying to figure out an excellent way to organize my office of the more minor things I have.

Got This

I picked up this

This is a 40-compartment Small Parts Organizer. I got this from Home Depot. I have been looking for something like this to help organize my more minor stuff.

Yes, you could technically say this is for a garage to keep some bolts, nuts, and other items for the garage. But this will also work for tech stuff in my office.

It was $32.91 when I brought it back in August of 2022. It is now discontinued.


This contains the following:

  • 20 small drawers
    • Dimension
      • 2-1/2 in X W x5 in D X 1 in H
  • 20 Large drawers
    • Dimension
      • 4 in W X 5 in X D X1 in H
  • Labels
    • If you would like to label things
      • I should
  • See-through drawers
  • Stay Close systems

It can mount to a wall or stand up on its own.


This is a good pick-up for me. It makes organizing my minor things better, and I know where they are. My wife hates it since it is the first room people see in the house. Oh, well. Life is life. I am all about being organized, and if that means having a few things to help out, then it is OK. If not give me my office back that is being used for other things.

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