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More Batteries for Osmo

Looking for more batteries for my  Osmo Action, so I will have some backups for my backups.


I got the following batteries,

I talked about it here these added 2 batteries and a charger to the one battery I had. Yea, that was great, but I was thinking I need to get some more. You never know.

Picked up

I picked up the following item.

This is a Beston Battery Charger pack with 3 Pack replacement batteries for the Osmo Action. Right now they are $12.64 now on Amazon.

This consists of

  • Charger
  • 3 batteries
  • One USB A to USB C charging cord.


Oh, heck yes, I use this all the time. I am always doing some type of filming, like,

  • For My Traveling channel
  • For my Just Justin Channel
  • For this channel
  • For fun things
    • Just so I can get used to being in front of a camera

So I end up using the batteries all the time. The batteries have a run time of about 1 hour and 20 min so around 80ish minutes.

It is nice to always have backups


Yes, these work for me, I am not into carrying something like this around


But, I am comfortable carrying something like this around.


So having extra batteries is nice to have. They are decent and I am getting a lot of use out of them.


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