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Plug for Travel

When traveling I need some power to power up all my electronic devices.


I got this

I talked about it here I carried this all the time with me when I traveled. But I needed something else to help me out now that I have a sleep apnea machine.

Picked up

I picked up this

This is an Alitayee USB C Multi Plug Outlet with three plug splitters. I got it on Amazon for $11.99.

I got this due to the fact that cruising could be a lot of use. Where it has the following:

  • 2 USB A ports
  • 1 USB C port
  • And 3 US Plugs.

I have used this in Washington D.C. and I was able to charge up my phone, watch, and plug in my Sleep Apnea machine and still had 3 more plugs to use.

Like it

Yes, I like it, I use it all the time. I like it and my wife actually took it on a trip and was impressed with it. She usually isn’t impressed with a lot of the stuff I buy. So yea, I would recommend it.


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