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USB Speaker

With me working from home more often and well for the next foreseeable future. I needed something better than my headphones.

Picked Up

I found a USB speaker that you could plug in via a USB A cable.  Here is what I got

It is a Marboo USB Computer speaker/wired Speaker and Soundbar for laptops and etc.  It is currently $13.99 pm Amazon and that is where I bought this at.


I needed something to help with the sound on my work setup. I have been using headphones but that just wasn’t a good way to do things.

This is a pretty good little speaker. It is loud and great sounding. It is slick and small. It fits right under my vertical screen. It plugs into the back of the monitor or the USB hub I have on the bottom of the monitor. There are many options.

It looks good.

There are a couple of Cons:

Sometimes the power drops and I have to switch the USB cable to something else. It sometimes doesn’t work with the VLC Media player. That is usually by default video player due to the fact that Windows media player sometimes freezes up.

Would I suggest this?

Oh, heck yes. I found it is great sounding and it is small and compact as long as you have a USB A port. I don’t have one on my MacBook Pro unless I use my docking station or use an adapter. However, I just use this on my Windows machine.

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