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Laptop Holder

With my office set up, I didn’t have any room to put my laptop so it is out of the way but, yet close by to work off of.


For my personal set up I have 2 monitors and I didn’t have enough room to have my laptop set up as well.

Picked up

I found this and thought this would work

It is an iVoler Auto-Resized Aluminum Vertical Laptop holder. It was $19.99.

Use it

I used it for a while, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. It was just a laptop stand. All it did was hold your laptop out of the way. For anything that was plugged in you would have to have wires going to the MacBook itself and it just was a pain in the butt when you wanted to take the laptop somewhere.

Now I use it to store my iPad.


If you are looking for something to just hold your laptop, then this will work just fine. It is a good holder as my iPad likes it. However, it isn’t on Amazon anymore.

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