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Mac Keyboard

In my quest to make it easier and better for me to work on my laptop. I needed something to help out.


I just used to work off my laptop, then I got a monitor and I continued to work off my laptop keyboard. However, I got a second monitor and I needed to get something that will make the setup better.


I thought I would need to Keyboard for the MacBook, I was thinking Bluetooth, but I decided to go with this one.

This cost me $39.99 from Amazon. This is a slim keyboard powered by a USB A connection, It is just like a MacBook setup. The keys are set up the same so it is a smooth move from the laptop to the keyboard. You know Apple shortcuts like Windows has.

I really like this setup, it really helps me out when I am working on the MacBook Pro. Makes it much easier to type.


Yes, I would recommend this keyboard if you are an Apple user. You will need a USB A port and Apple doesn’t have that type of connection. You will have to pick up an adapter. Now I don’t have one, but in my setup at home, I do.

Keep up coming back and I will talk about something that helps me plug this in.

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