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Snow Blower

Back in December of 2021, I picked up a unique gadget. It wasn’t a tech gadget but it was a gadget nonetheless.

Picked up

Both of my kids were moving out, short lasted, and we live in an area where it snows. Some years a little bit and some years a lot. But I didn’t want to shovel the walks. We have more sidewalk space since we moved.

I picked up a snow blower. Yea, finally, I got one.


It is a Ryobi 40V HP Brushless 21″ Whisper. It is a single-Stage Electric Snow Blower.

It came with 2 40V 7.5 Batteries and a charger

Work Good

For the most part, this works well. It all depends on the snow and what type it is. What do I mean?

If the snow is wet and heavy, not so good.

If the snow is light and fluffy, OK.

If the snow is just right, I am not sure what that is, but that seems to work the best.

The batteries last for about 40 minutes to an hour. That all depends on the snow.

It can handle about 8″ of snow, well that is the most I have gotten at a time. It does have a 13″ clearing depth.

It can shoot snow up to 35 ft in a 180-degree radius.

My thoughts

With it only being a stage one (single-stage) and it does a good job. That all depends on the amount of snow you have to clear. If it is heavy, then it doesn’t do such a good job.  I have seen where the batteries get drained in 30 min, but that was with really heavy wet snow.

I haven’t seen this shot up to 35 ft. But, there is still time to see that. It is still snowing here.

I didn’t want to shovel the snow by hand didn’t to have a heart attack and die doing something like that.

I picked an Electric one over a gas one because of one reason. I am lazy and didn’t want to get gas or oil and stuff like that.

Yes, gas can do a better job. But, so can this one

This one is $1,799 and I don’t have that kind of cash and don’t need it.

But, I am happy with what I have and the job it does.

I like this little gadget I got.


Here is a video I did over on my Just Justin YouTube channel.

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