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Ring Light

I told myself I would get a ring light when I lost weight. But, who was I fooling? The weight wasn’t coming off. So I just picked it up.

What did I get

I picked up a Neewer 18-inch RGB ring light.

When I picked it up it was $167.99 When I picked it up. It is now $135.49 now on Amazon. I picked it up for my birthday. I know a good birthday present for myself.


This ring light comes with

  • 18″ ring light
  • Light Stand
  • Phone shutter remote
  • Mini ball head
  • Carrying bag
  • Smartphone holder
  • Softtube
  • Power adapter with plug

It has the ability to

  • Illumination
    • 4400K
    • 2600LUX
    • 900LUX
  • Brightness
    • 0-100%
  • Saturation
    • 0-100
  • Color Temperature
    • 3200-5600K
  • Voltage of DC12-15V

Use for

You are thinking what in the heck are you going to use this for? It is a huge thing. Yes, it is a huge thing and it isn’t something that you can just carry around with you. Well, I don’t carry it around. But you can use this for

  • Selfie
  • Makeup
  • Party
  • Vlog
  • Youtube
  • Photography
  • Vimeo

I use it to enhance my lighting for videos. The only downside is this

Since I wear glasses you will have the ring light in your glasses. So I take them off. Not convenient but that is what needs to be done.


Yes it has an app it is called the Neewer app and looks like this

It worked fine for a while then it lost connection to the light and wouldn’t connect to it again. Then you had to sign up for an account with Neewer, when I did that it didn’t work. But I just tried again and well it worked and I can control the light once again. The app has the following settings you can look at

And the settings page

Neewer Ring Light


It is a nice thing to have, I just wish I would use it more often. I hate how the light shines off of my glasses but that is what happens when you wear glasses. I have had my eye on this for a while. I am glad I picked it up and it is helpful in getting things done. I just wish I could take it on some trips, but it is big and would take up a lot of room.


Here is a video I did

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