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Opps, I did it again.  I went and added some more storage to my network.

More storage

Yes, I know I already have 20TB, but with my 2TB crashing. I only had 18TB of NAS storage space. I know, 18TB is a lot. Yes, it is a lot. However, I always need more space.

So I went and picked up some more space.

Picked up

I picked up a Western Digital (WD) 12 TB EX2 Ultra My Cloud. Yes, it has the following:

  • 2 USB ports
    • To add additional Storage
    • 1GB ethernet port


Yes, this one and the one before it has a specific purpose for my network. This doesn’t hold the typical stuff. It contains media only. Yes, it holds media files.

That is a lot of storage for media. 12 TB of Media, well I raided it so it is only 6 TB of media. So that I have a copy of it just in case a drive goes down.

This was a nice addition to my network.

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