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New Selfie Stick

In my quest to get the perfect blogging setup. Well, I picked up something new.

Selfie Sticks

I have several selfie stick tripods for my vlogging setup.

But I am always thinking that I need something else to do better vlogs for my various YouTube Channels.  Is there really an ideal setup that will always work?

Picked Up

I found this new stick on Amazon. Where else do I find things? This was $22.99


It is a nice stick. Here are the specs for it.

Yes, this is for a phone, which you can use with this adapter

You can set the remote up to interact with your phone and do photos or start your video. It does come in handy. But I will admit that I don’t use it that often.

Use it for

I use this for holding my Osmo Action camera or my lime cube light when filming videos. I sometimes put my Osmo Pocket on this when I want some different angles when doing videos.

I got it due to the 40″ extension. My other sticks don’t go up that high. So it makes this a more useful stick to do my vlogging for my videos. The phone holder below didn’t come with it. It came with a crappy one that took forever to get your phone in the holder. So I opted for this one.


Yes, I would say pick this up if you are looking for a good stick. It is really useful.

I really should get an affiliate link.

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