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20 TB Cloud

You would think, I would have enough storage, I mean I am up to 30TB of NAS storage.


I was thinking that I need more storage. I picked up a 20 TB Western Digital (WD) My Cloud Home Duo, for $719 dollars. So that means that I am up to 50 TB of disk space for my NAS space.

This one will be used for Miscellaneous things. Mostly to hold video files and trip stuff. I have been trying to figure out a good way to do my storage.


Did I pick this one? Well, I picked this one up as it was like the last one I got. The My cloud home is the newer version of that WD is going towards. It looks sleek and nice. It does have 2 10 TB hard drives in it. I have raid1 turned on.

What is Raid1?

Well, it keeps your data backed up. So instead of 20 TB, it takes one drive and copies your data onto both drives and so if one fails the other one has the data.

Most of my storage is raid1 so I can back up files in case my drives fail. Which I am worried about most of the time.


The look of the drive is nice

I like the look of these drives, Yes, it is a little different than the last one I got, But it is fine. I like the look of these

I am not sponsored by WD at all, which I was, but I just like WD.

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