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The Year 2020, was upon us and well, things happened and I thought you know what, I need some more storage.


I have about 30 TB of NAS storage. If you don’t know what NAS stands for, well it stands for Network Attached Storage. Basically, just to improve my storage capability.

Filming Video

I have been filming videos for while now. From trips to tech to other stuff and I needed some more room to store all that stuff.

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Picked up

I went ahead and picked up a My Cloud Home 8 TB personal Cloud by WD for about $199.99. 

This has the following:

  • One USB port
  • Ethernet port

This has a specific purpose for the network.


The purpose of this is to hold all the video content I create. Like

  • Video files
  • Image files
    • From trips
  • Instagram photos
  • Completed videos

This will only hold those types of files. I also started a couple of YouTube channels and that takes a lot of space up.

Over the past 2 + years I have had this addition it is about 70% full. Yes, a lot of video files on this drive.

Will I add more storage?

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