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Gadgets and More


What is it with NAS storage that would make me want to get more? I am not sure.

Got another one

So I picked up, one last time. Not sure about that. But maybe the last one for at least a year. I picked up the following from Western Digital.

I should really have my own afflicted link with WD.


Yes, this is a big 56 TB hard drive. I do have it raided, so not all of that is available for use. But, this is going to be the one that holds all the following:

  • Files
    • Word Document
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • PDF
    • Any other file
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Back up’s for MacBooks

The entertainment will stay off for the time being. I am still thinking of what to do with that.


I am not sure why I got this, I mean I think I am just obsessed with storage. Always, thinking I will run out of space and lose things. I can also argue that my other NAS storage devices are getting old and not supported anymore. Makes them more vulnerable to hackers and your data is gone.

I guess that is why I am adding more and more storage.


Am I happy with it?

Yes, I am happy with it. The space and the device is great.

The price of it?

Yes, the price was a bit high at $2,500. This price was fine with me. But, my wife didn’t understand why I needed that mulch storage, and why it costed so much.

Going to work?

It will work for what I would like it to work for now. I will most likely need to do something different. But that is down the road.


You can’t have too much storage for your stuff, I thought paper was bad, but it appears that there is a crap load of digital files that need to be saved.  Like the following:

  • Photos
    • A lot of iPhones
  • Music
  • PDF files
    • This is from scanned-in bills that still come in paper format
  • Files I save from the internet
    • Things for my blogs and stuff
  • Video’s
    • From my YouTube channel

And so on.

Next one

I am looking into just getting one just for Mac OS devices, so I can move my iMovie files over to that one and keep them safe. That might be TB’s worth of data from the videos I do for my channels and blogs.

So that might be in the next few months, but I am not sure. The wife isn’t too happy about all my network purchases. She needs Diet Coke and Bagel money.

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