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New Battery Case

With my last post about new Osmo batteries, I needed to get a new battery case.

Last one

The last battery case I talked about was one from Nomatic, here in this post. But I decided not to go that route again. But I went in a different direction.

New One

I picked up this one.

This is the King Ma Small DSLR camera battery pouch, I found on this on Amazon. Now on Amazon, it is $12.99.

Why this one

I picked this one up due to it having 3 pockets to hold batteries and a zipper to hold some items. It has some mesh pockets to hold some SD cards. You know the bigger ones. I guess you could put some smaller ones in there. You can put it on your belt loop if you would like.

Plus it wasn’t expensive and that is always a plus.


This was a nice pickup, it was cheaper than the Nomatic one and I think is a bit better. It has a nice velcro lathing system, that keeps it tight so the batteries don’t fall out. Which is a plus, I like the zipper and you can put other things in that besides SD cards. Like some cash.


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