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Gadgets and More


A little new device that I got, and well, it is a pretty good thing.

Watch Charger

I have an Apple watch, which needs to be charged. I currently have some cords like this.

And it could be a pain in the butt always to carry around this charger. It is nice to have since you can have a bit longer cord.


I got the following from the wife.

My wife got me a Travel pod, Trvlpod, and Wireless Charger. It is a USB A charger that is small and easy to use.

My wife borrowed this when she went away for a couple of weeks. This worked well for her.

I used it on my latest cruise, and it was a great use. It fits nicely and charges the watch up like the cord above. It is handy to put into my cord bag, and it is easily accessible just in case I need it.


I am unsure where she got this from, but it was nice of her to get it for me. I love tech stuff. It has been really useful in my travels. I would highly recommend getting this.


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