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New Cabinets

I needed to organize my tech, which wasn’t working out. What did I have before? Well, continue to read.

What I had

I had the following.

Yea, it was just a six-drawer stand. My wife didn’t like that in my office since it wasn’t pleasant. But it worked for me for the time being.

What I wanted

I wanted to get something like this:

But it was a hell no from the wife. That wasn’t going to go in my office for everyone to see. Since that is the first thing people see. She didn’t want my office to look crappy. I mean, it had

  • One long deep drawer
  • Six short drawers
  • Two big drawers
  • Wood top
    • Perfect for a charging station
    • Opening of boxes
  • An integrated six-plug surge protector
    • Nice
  • Wheels
  • Handle

So it was like cool. I have seen content creators use this type of thing for tech storage. But the wife said no.

What I got

So I walked into her office and said this is what I want for my office. That is all it took to get her to find something she liked that would fit what I needed it for.

So this is what I got.

It is called the Winsome Halifax 7-drawer Storage Organization; yes, this is what the wife thought I would like. I got two of them.

My wife thought that only one was needed. But I got two of them, and I have every drawer used for stuff. Yes, that is 14 drawers full of stuff, organized stuff. Stuff grouped.

The top is flat, not as big as I wanted, but it is doable. I have a few things on it. Sometimes it collects a lot of stuff.

I am thinking of picking up another one. I think it was a good purchase. I need to get an affiliate program.

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