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Cases for the Wife

In April, when we went on the Brilliance of the Seas, my wife happened to see some of my cases. She was, like, what do you have? Why don’t I have those?

My cases

To answer the first question

She saw the following:

Yes, they don’t match. I don’t care if they do or don’t match. 

Wife’s cases

Yes, she got pink.

The small one

It is to put headphones in and charging cords for the planes. She liked this as it clipped on my bag so I could quickly access those items on the plane.

The big one

It is a smaller cord bag and holds fewer cords. But this is better than the big one she has. Maybe this will be more helpful in organizing her cords. She will need to be better organized in this area. But at least she is trying to be more organized.

Will she use them?

To answer the second question. Why don’t I have those? I thought you would think it is stupid to carry around, and it is just more stuff we don’t need.

My thoughts 

I like my cases, and I use them all the time. It does come in handy when you sit down on the plane and decide to watch the back seat screen, and you don’t have to fumble around looking for your stuff. It is right there, handy.

The bigger one is nicer to carry in my backpack than the bigger one. Plus, all my wife needs to carry is the following:

  • Apple Watch charger
  • Apple iPhone charger
  • iPad charger
  • Water pick charger

I have a lot of other cords.

If she uses them, then these will be very beneficial for her.

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