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In 1978 Parker Brothers brought to live something that was brought to this world by NASA, employee Bob Doyle, his wife Holly and brother-in-law, Wendl Thomas. No, this wasn’t brought from space or anything like that but it was invented, yes invented.  It played games.

What games did it have

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Music Machine
  • Echo
  • Black Jack 13
  • Magic Square
  • Mindbender

This became a popular game in the 1980s and that is when I fell in love with this thing.

Why did I like it

This thing was a great thing to play with and I learned a lot from this game. I learned how to play blackjack, tic tac toe. This was before Simon says and that was also a fun game. I would run out the batteries faster than I can remember.

Later on, I would pretend it was a phone, I know I was a total geek. But that was what I was all about. I wish I could have found it at my parents’ house but I am afraid one of my sisters just tossed it out.

Here is a video of Merlin in action

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