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Flux Capacitor

The year was 1985 and time travel was invented. The ability to travel back in time has been talked about before and it has been used by the following:

  • Dr. Who
    • Used a phone booth called a Tardis
  • The Terminator
    • was able to transfer one person with no clothes on. Making the re-entry for the person awkward

But when Doc Brown invented the Flux Capacitor that changed everything.

History (Old)

On November 5, 1955, Emmett Brown, known as “Doc Brown” was standing on his toilet hanging a clock, he slipped and fell and hit his head. When he woke up he drew a diagram of what is called a flux compression. The diagram also had some mild calculations on it.

Other types of Capacitors

Since he drew that up, he spent most of his family fortune on trying to figure this out.  They say that he built some prototypes, one of them was a temporal field capacitor and had the ability to send thing into the future but only one way. If he tried to send things back in time it could build up what is flux energy. It would overheat the capacitor and start an electrical fire. Thus the flux capacitor.

History (1985)

In the year of 1985, Doc Brown created a time machine out of a DeLorean. While doing so time travel could be achieved you need to be traveling at 88 MPH (140.8 km/h) and it requires 1.21 gigawatts of power.  Plutonium-powered is one way to achieve this.  Doc Brown had to steal it from some Libyans who wanted him to make a bomb for them. 

Time travel

When Doc Brown was showing Marty McFly how it worked, he never got to finish telling Marty about how it works as the Libyans showed up.  He forgot to get some plutonium before he time traveled but,  Doc Brown came up with an idea of using lighting but you can never predict where that will strike.  (Benefits of time travel)

Power for the flux Capacitor

History (Future)

Doc Brown changed it from Plutonium to just household crap, due to an MR. Fusion home energy generator that was fueled by extracting hydrogen atoms from household crap or garbage.

Where is the Flux Capacitor

Right now the only Flux capacitor that I know of is on a train somewhere in time. But, I have it on a good source that there is a flux-capacitor at Oreilly Auto Parts.

Longer video

Here is a longer video of the history of 1985 time travel, it gets cut off sorry, I didn’t make the video.

My opinion

Of course, you are going to get my opinion on this topic. I know that somewhere out there the time train is out there. Just waiting to pop up. The flux capacitor is a great and handy thing to have and probably is the best piece of technology invented so far. I can handle the phone booth, but not the way the terminator came thru time.

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