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Gadgets and More

Walkman — Old Style

This new gadget (in the ’80s) changed the way I listened to music almost overnight. I could put in my favorite tape either a U2, AC/DC, Guns and Roses or a tape I recorded off the radio and listen to while I ran, rode my bike, did yard work or did anything. It was amazing. No one was bothered with my music, but me. I didn’t have to hear other people’s music. I could just hear mine. Sometimes I didn’t hear the traffic. But, hey those traffic accidents weren’t all my fault. They needed to look at those stop lights as well. This was a great gadget. They were making all sorts of different models,

      • Some that just played tapes
      • Some that just played the radio
        • But why?
      • Some that played both the radio and tapes
      • Some that were water resistant
        • Sorry not waterproof

They even got to the point of playing the opposite side of the tape once you got done with the first side. That way you didn’t have to pop it out and flip it over.  The only downside was you had a period of silence while the tape ran to the end and started over.

Radio’s and tapes

Some of the Walkman’s had radio’s built into them, so you had the choice to listen to the radio or tapes, I know awesome right, the best of both worlds. However, just a personal opinion, the only time I ever listened to the radio was in school when there was a basketball game on that I wanted to listen to. It was mostly tapes that I listened to.


Here is what the looked liked.

Loved that gadget, I have it somewhere in a box packed away.

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