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We moved on from Records to something called 8-track and then cassettes. 8-track never caught on. I had a few, well, my parents had a few growing up and our stereo played them along with records, radio, and cassettes. 8-track tapes These were a different type of music as it […]

8 Track

From 1964 to 10 1988 8 track tapes were a thing, that is if you lived in Japan, Australia, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. If you lived in another country then you probably have never heard of these before. 1964 Bill Lear, yes of the […]

Vinyl records

I am going back to old school gadgets, the type of gadgets you had to have to listen to the music besides the radio. You know that thing in the car, on the wall, the clock radio. Yes, those existed. I had one growing up and I just got rid […]