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It was the year 1990 something and cellphones where a thing and this thing came out that would turn the technology world upside down. Not only is this a good thing but it can be a dangerous thing as well. We are talking about texting.

 My History

Back in the year 1989, I was sitting there in my marketing class, I sat on the second seat in on the first row as you come in the classroom. One day my teacher said to think of something that could change the world. I sat there looking across the room, there was a big window there and it appeared I was looking out that window, but I really was looking at this cute blonde girl who sat on the first seat of that row. I was thinking wouldn’t it be awesome if I could just send her a message discreetly and talk with her, instead of playing this flirting game. It could be done via radio signals, or infrared signals I am not sure, but that would be awesome. But how do I implement that?

I sat there thinking about what I could do and looking out that window or at her. Just trying to get up the courage to talk to her. That is a different story for a different day.

History of texting

Yes, there is a lot of back history on this and how it started way back at some point in time. But we are going to focus on December of 1992 when Neil Papworth sent a message that said “Merry Christmas” via the Vodafone network as Richard Jarvis had a phone on that network. He sent this message via a personal computer. In 1994, a Finnish network became the first to offer a commercial person to person plan.

What is

Text messaging is from one phone to another phone and it started out as just sending messages that consisted of alphabetic and numeric characters and often is referred to as Short Messaging Service (SMS). It was slow going at first as the way the phones were set up. If you wanted to send an SMS  like this:

“I think your cute”  you would have to find each one of these on the phone keypad and press the 4 button times and so one. Like this

  • 444 I
  • 0 (Space)
  • 8 T
  • 44 h
  • 444 I
  • 66 n
  • 55 k
  • 0 (space)
  • 99 y
  • 666 o
  • 88 u
  • 777 r
  • 0 (space)
  • 222 c
  • 88 u
  • 8 t
  • 33 e

See the pain in the butt this was to do.


Over the years it has changed quite a bit. You can type like you do a keyboard and send pictures and other things.

Changing the world

Texting changed the world and it is just used as a preferred use of communication for adults, youth and anyone who uses a cellphone. However, it also made people stupider than hell.


The dangers of texting, since texting came around, it has made people stupider, they text and drive. This is not only stupid but they have had to make laws about this to try and curb the accidents and senseless deaths.

I could have

Come up with this, I thought about this but I wasn’t the only one thinking about it as well. It would have been nice for me to send that text instead of just sitting there doing nothing.


I did use some things from

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