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So this didn’t start in 1970 it really started in 1969 in Bell Labs, which was a division of AT&T when hen Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, and many others started working on this thing called Unix.

Start of Unix

It was all written in C and it started progress that changed the way computers operate and the history of the computers. This operating system was supposed to be used inside of Bell Labs as a single-tasking system. Unix was written in what is called assembly language. However, in 1973 it was rewritten in C

Versions of Unix

Bell Labs produced several versions of Unix, but in 1975 the first license for Unix was sold to the University of Illinois, Department of Computer Science, to Donald B. Gillies. This made way for a lot of different variants from mostly Universities.

Cost of Unix

When ARPANET came into light, the first version of the internet, in 1975 the University of Illinois found that these devices were good for hosting and they became mini-hosts. Bell Labs had licenses for $20,000 and this was expensive, however, for a university, it was a mere $150

Who Owns Unix

When you get down to it in the early 1990’s Bell Labs which is owned by AT&T, sold the rights to Novell. In 1993, Novell transferred the trademark to a group called UNIX to the Open Group. Sold the commercial business to a company called Santa Cruz Operation (SCO). So who owns Unix is really the question.

Unix like

In 1991 Linus Torvalds released a free version of Unix called Linux under the GNU, which was an open source project. We will talk about this more in depth later.

So what now

The people at Bell Labs didn’t know what they had when they invented Unix and what it would do to the world. You are thinking what the hell does this have to do with gadgets and so forth. Well if you really think about it. This software might not have been a gadget but, it started something that powers your gadgets.

So if you really think about it, this is a gadget that leads to many more gadgets.

Yes, the world will soon be overrun by the Windows OS.

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