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1995, DVD Video

It was 1990 something and there was a technology that came out that could hold up to 8.5 GB, yes Gigabyte wroth of data. That is 4 hours at typical bit rates. Sweet, right.


Stands for Digital Video Disk, well to me at least, it was developed in 1995 and for a $5,000 fee you can use the software and you had to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The idea behind this was to up the CD capabilities and get video on those disks.  The disks had a whole bunch of different data rates, as it all depends on the what you are using it for. The raw bitrate was 11.08 Mbit/s and it could have issues if the disc is scratched.


Besides the obvious of storing of video and audio, you could use it as a data storage for your files. Depending on the format the players could play

  • VCD
  • SVCD
  • CVD
  • MPEG

You could have up to 99 chapters on the disk

 My opinion

These were a game-changer, it took a while for the industry to catch on but the DVD’s soon put VHS tapes out of business. The price came down from $5,000 to where people like us could afford the technology. I have a whole bunch of blank DVD’s that I was going to start recording my movies on but I couldn’t do that due to copy write laws. But there was software to get around that, but that is for later (maybe).

DVD’s changed the world as we see data.


Here is what a DVD looked like, This is Toy Story


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