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When you hear the word “java” you most likely think of a cup of joe or a cup of coffee. It isn’t the carriers of the Goa’uld infant children, they are called Jaffa. There is an island over by Indonesia just south of the Java Sea. Not me man, I think of the computer programing language that came about in 1995. Yes, over 24 years ago.


This computer language was supposed to be for the Television to have it become more interactive, but it was just way too advanced for it. It was designed by three people and they are

  • James Gosling
  • Mike Sheridan
  • Patrick Naughton

They started the Oak project back in 1991, it was called Oak for a tree out the window by Gosling’s office. It changed to Green and then Java, actually based on Java Coffee. It was put out a company called Sun Microsystems. They wanted it to be a Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA). Which meant a no-cost run-time across some of the popular platforms.

Later on, it would open up the java application as free and open-source software when it released what is called the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Web Browsers

Soon the leading web browsers incorporated the ability to run things called Java applets with-in web pages. I have used some of these on some of my websites in the past. When the JVM came around it opened up the internet to so many possibilities. That is where I started to use java to help me create some things on my websites.


It came to past that Oracle bought up Sun Microsystems in 2009, but it did file a lawsuit against Google for using Java in the Android SDK. Java runs on

  • Laptops
  • Data centers
  • Game consoles
  • Supercomputers
  • And so on

Oracle stopped using the Java run-time environments for JDK 9 and discontinued the browser plugin. (BOO)


I could go on and on about Java and the class libraries and how to write it and so forth, but I won’t today. I like Java, I think it is a great invention and it is one of the things that make computing a lot easier in life. I like to take apart the code and make is something of mine.


I took information about Java from the Wikipedia article about Java (Programming Language) and not the island of Java.

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