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Portable MP3 Players

It was the year 1990 something and something came along to improve the functions of playing your music while moving about. Something called MP3 and this helped people carry a lot of music around. So let’s break down what the MP3 player is all about.

MP3 Audio

To understand what the MP3 Player is all about we will have to go back to what is MP3 Audio.  MP3 audio is a compression of the music on a CD to a 75% ratio. So you can take a whole CD and putting it on an MP3 Player.  I know that this isn’t a lot of information about MP3 audio but we are moving on to playing MP3

Internet era

In the late 1990s, the internet was a blaze of MP3 audio, most of them were underground pirated song networks. But that isn’t wasn’t what we are talking about here.  To jump on the MP3 bandwagon there was a website called a site for free audio downloads. But that didn’t help.

 MP3 players

Yes, I had one of these Well several of them in fact. I tried to find mine, but with no luck.  It looked like the following:

These players played a lot more than just MP3 files, they played Windows Media Audio (WMA), Advanced Audio Coding (AAC), Vorbis, FLAC, Speex and Ogg.  They came about in 1995 and in 1997 the first car MP3 player came out and it was selling for $599. Once Windows 98 came out all the players were going to USB, as they supported USB which the USB players were.

They helped change the world of portable music around the world. Instead of carrying around a Walkman, or a CD player. It was kind of hard to run with the CD player, you know always skipping around.  Instead of just listening to a single tape, you can listen to many artists. I found it was able to play a lot of my favorite songs.


This helped pushed the future of what music would be like. This was a game-changer. I could run, I know me run, and listen to music and only carry a small device instead of a big walkman Loved this device.

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