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Microsoft Internet Browser

It was the year 1990 something and the internet was coming up strong on the dial-up internet was humming as fast as it can on a dial-up modem. So how can you access this great thing called the Internet.

Internet Explorer

In 1995, on August 16 Microsoft introduced this with Windows 95. In  1994 there was a project called Internet Explorer and headed by Tomas Reardon and they supposedly used the source code from the spyglass, INC and it was part of the jumpstart kit on Microsoft Plus.

Cornered the Market

It would seem that Microsoft (MS) cornered the market on the browser early and they kept it for a long time.  When Internet Explorer (IE) was marketed it was bundled with Windows 95 and it had that advantage, which was a great move by MS. It was pushing out the others.

My Opinion

IE was a break thru on the browser market, using it to surf the web on a dial-up modem. I will admit I did use for a while. I only use IE for certain tasks, nowadays. I would prefer a different browser. But that is my opinion.


Here is a Youtube video about the release of IE.

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