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1996, USB

With the computer industry booming and everything needs to connect to the computer. There were a lot of peripherals, but something needed to be designed to connect everything to the computer. Someone did

Universal Serial Bus

USB for short, it connects things like keyboards, mice, printers and other things to the computers. The objective for USB was to improve the user experience for using the computer. With the USB it made a standard connection for everything to connect, ok not the kitchen sink. Well, maybe down the road.


Like I said that the kitchen can’t be connected yet. You have to be on the same tabletop or in the same room. You can not connect them across the city or floors. So that is a limitation. There is also a limit on the scanner that requires a bi-directional use of the data pins. It might be good for the printer but not for the scanner.


USB 0.7No speed
USB 0.8No Speed
USB 0.9Full Speed
12 Mbit/s
USB 0.99No Speed
USB 1.0 -RCNo speed
USB 1.0Full Speed
(12 Mbit/s)
Low Speed
(1.5 Mbit/s)
USB 1.1Full Speed
(12 Mbit/s)
USB 2.0 High Speed
(480 Mbit/s)
USB 3.0Superspeed USB
(5 Gbit/s)
USB 3.1Superspeed USB
10 Gbit/s
USB 3.210 Gbit/s
USB 3.210 Gbit/s
USB 440 Gbit/s

What does the future hold

The future of USB will most likely be called USB -C and power computers and become more and more universal between macs and windows OS. They will be able to transfer display over it to power external monitors from your laptops.

I guess we will see.

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