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All these posts have a purpose

I have talked about this before and I want to remind the readers of this blog, that yes these posts do have a purpose.

What purpose

Kind of like a backstory to a TV show or a movie. In order to understand the characters better or the storyline, the directors might do a back story on where the characters came from.

Look at Castle

They did a back story on Richard and Kate and most of the other characters to show where the characters were and the choices they made to get to that point. I liked Castle and the story it had and the path it took to get there.


So these posts about the past show you where the technology came from and the path it took to get to that point. Then we look at what the technology is now. The backstories are a must. I can’t just dive into the ocean and go Suba diving, I need to know how to do it. I can’t just do heart surgery if I don’t know how or where the heart is at.

So these posts are necessary to show you the path of where something came from.

I know I have repeated several times, just trying to get the point across.

We will continue on the journey as we get closer to everyday life and the things we use.

Stick with me

I would love you for you to stick around and see how this plays out. There is a lot of stuff out there and I am trying to get to them all.

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