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1996, Tamagotchi

It was the year 1990 something and the world would see something called Tamagotchi invaded the world to the tune of 76 million sold.

How it works

This is a keychain size gadget for a virtual pet that was designed around animals, objects, and people. How it worked was once you got this device, you activated an egg appears on the screen and then it wiggles around and then after you enter in some information it springs forth life and then it is off to the races.

It would allow you to feed it and care for it or it would die.


Using Infrared communication you can link with a friend and watch their pets and if you wanted to even marry, yes marry the pets together and then you even have offspring. As long as your person is active, the child is getting what it needs.

Video Games

You could catch this in the Game boy and N64 and then they could found on the mobile and PC Games. They could be found in the Arcade form later on. You could find this on the big screen (Never saw it) or the second film.


In my opinion, I don’t know why these caught on. I never got one and I didn’t know the appeal of these. But it is what it is, right. We all like our own things.


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