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You guessed it NBC has an app that you can use to stream shows that they create, well not all of them. But most of them. So what does the app do?

How the app looks

Here is what the app looks like so you can find it on the app store.

I am sure you could have found it by just typing in NBC in the app store.

APP set up

After you download it and you click on it you will see this

It gives you 2 major options and 1 minor option.

When you click the sign in option you will see the following:

It gives you an option to sign up with your Apple ID, interesting. I choose to do the maybe later option. By doing that it took me here.

Yes, I do have a TV provider and so I clicked yes.

The app itself

Now we are in the app but we aren’t quite done setting it up. What?

You are presented with the following:

When you click next, you are presented with the following screen:

Then we are finally in the app as we are presented with the following:

The app itself is pretty simple, you pick a show and you watch it. They do have a lot of content but not all of the content.


If you won’t have a pay for TV provider like cable or satellite then it will cost you $12.00 a month. Yes $12.00 a month. However, if you do have a pay for TV option there is a free, but ad supported option.

My opinion

Wow now that we have spent like 2 days, we are finally watch some shows. The app itself isn’t bad, it does some options to sign in. I found some issues with it and yes this my opinion. I picked Knight Rider 2008 to watch. The first episode just jumped right into the show, the original one had a back story to it which explained who Michael Knight was. This one didn’t, at the end of the first episode we find out that Mike Tracer is Michael Knights son. Interesting which we would have known this. But we did if NBC put the pilot movie on the app. Yes there is a pilot movie that explains how this came all about. Stupid!! I would rather pay the $12 a month then sit through all the stupid ads. Every time it goes to a commercial there are 6 ads that play. Not too happy about that. I don’t use this app that much. Oh, why doesn’t NBC have Las Vegas the TV series on it?

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