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When you think of Pebble what comes to your mind. Well, for my wife it is pebble ice which is her favorite. But that isn’t what I think of. Why would I think of ice? Not sure. But I think of the very first smartwatch I had. Of course, I had one.


In 2012 Pebble, started a Kickstarter program and it raised $10.3 Million dollars, yes, that is correct. They sold 1,000,000 units by Dec. 31, 2014.  When it first went live on Kickstarter it hit several milestones, like:

  • $100,000, within 2 hours 
  • $4.7 Million with 30 days left
  • $10,266,845 by 68,929 backers when it closed
  • Held the record for the most money raised at that time.

No I didn’t get on the Kickstarter, wish I did due to the following.

  • $99 for the first 200 backers
  • $115 was the price it was on Kickstarter

The Watch

The question you have to ask yourself “Are smartwatches the future?” In my holy opinion, yes , they are or will be the future.

When they first started out they only have 8 slots for apps or faces, Can you image that. I was painful. They moved to up to 50, which was nice.

They didn’t have

  • Sound
  • Camera

The Pebble works with iOS and Android Operating System (OS). You could get the following from your phone on the watch:

  • Get Alerts for
    • E-mail
    • Texts
    • Calendar Reminders
  • Control your music on your phone
  • Create reminders
  • Different Watch faces

They said that the battery could last up to 7 days and possibility 10 depending on the usage.  Which is nice for a smart phone.

Best Buy started to sell this in July of 2013

My thoughts

Of Course you are going to have my thoughts, since I am talking about this, right. I still have mine, however, it is boxed away.

My wife got me the Pebble for Christmas, I was surprised, she knew what to get me. It was like awesome, I love gadgets so it was nice.

I mean I could just look at my wrist when I got a call or a text  and I could respond only if I needed too.

I thought that the battery could have been better, it could last up to 2 days at max, not what was advertised like the 7 to 10 days. Maybe it depended on what you used it for. I know it was very active, you know all those calls and text messages and my calendar notifications I got.

In 2015, it started to come out with some cooler watch faces, granted it wasn’t color, but still some cool things.  Like

At the time it was a crowd-pleaser when it came to a smartwatches.


The buttons stopped responding, like they were stuck and was hard to push. If a call or text came in, that would stay on the screen until I could get the buttons to respond.

The Pebble Classic, that is what I had, was a great watch. With the buttons being stuck would I upgrade to a newer Pebble?

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