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Which one should I choose

I really like the WeMo plug, I think it has a lot of potential. However, I am not sold on it. The Smart life plugs does have some potential as well, but I am not sold on it either. 


I was leaning towards the WeMo Plug as the smart life just didn’t have a great app interface. So I was thinking that the WeMo plugs would be the winner but I ran into some issues that I showed in my last post. Clear back on Jan. 12, 2021.

Even after we moved and that isn’t plugged in anywhere it still shows it upgrading.  So I might not be leaning towards WeMo anymore.

So which one

I have one WeMo plugged in and controls a lamp but that is about all. I still haven’t found my smart life plugs from the move. So right now I am using WeMo for the time being. I might go with another brand all together. You never know what time will tell.


This is only my opinion since it is my blog, just relax if you don’t agree with me. Take a deep breath and move on. We are allowed not to agree on things.

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