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Gadgets and More

1970 – 2009 Technologies

Over the last few months, I have been talking about technologies from 1970 until 2009. We have moved from computers that had 16 MB of memory to iPhones that have 512 GB worth of memory.


We had Apple and TRS computer, CD’s and Atari 800 and my favorite something called Merlin. This was just the tip of the iceberg.


We moved onto CD-Rom’s, to Apple Lisa, to some cell phones, yes you didn’t have to tether to a landline that is connected to a wall.

But the most important thing that was invented was actually thought of in the 1950s by Doc. Brown. But wasn’t completed until 1985. It was called the Flux Capacitor which makes time travel possible.


We went from Windows coming out to the first commercial internet dial-up modem and the internet which is leading this technology information highway we have here. We had some cloned sheep come about.

I didn’t talk about this technology because I am not sure when it came about, but it was found in Egypt in 1929 and kept under lock and key until Daniel Jackson figured it out in 1994. It is called the Stargate, which allows you to travel via a wormhole to another place in the Galaxy.


We just got done with this decade and we saw plenty of new technologies come out. We had a smartphone come out and changed the world.

Now what

As we move towards the present time we will be talking about what makes up our present level of technologies. So we have some more fun times ahead of us.

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