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It was the year 2000 something and well mobile payments weren’t even on the radar. Not the mobile payments you are thinking but a mobile way for companies to take payment when people are doing business while out and about. What are am I talking about?

What is this

This device accepts credit card payments. So you are telling me that this thing (see below)

So this thing connects to the audio port on a smartphone, well that is the only one I have seen it be used on. This way small businesses can take credit card payments.

How does it work

It works by downloading an app on the smartphone and then connecting the square device to the audio port, yes the audio port. It was unencrypted, analog card information was fed to smartphones for transmission over the cellular network.

Nowadays, square uses strong encryption on all there devices. Square made some adjustments to accept Apple’s pay and created a device to interface with the lighting port.

All because of …

This all became about due to a friend of Jack Dorsey who couldn’t complete a sale of $2,000 of glass faucets and fittings due to the lack of non-credit card acceptance. Now people can use this device in more ways then you know.


Well, I have used this device a lot, well I don’t have one yet. Here is where I have used it at

  • Food trucks
  • small business
    • Crumble Cookies
    • Chip Cookies
    • Daylight Doughts
    • Plumbers, Independent type
    • High School alumni selling school stuff

These are the ones that I am seeing these used at. These make payments more convenient for small businesses. I am sure if I started to take payments this is what I would use.


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