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Gadgets and More

2007, iPhone

Cell phones never were so advanced in the lifetime of cell phones until now. You could do the following:

  • Talk
  • Text
  • Take pictures
  • Store Contacts
  • some could even do calendar items.

But that was about it. They were getting boring. They were still new and convenient but they were boring.


The original iPhone was put out by Cisco and it looked like this:

The Original iPhone From Cisco, see the name in the corner

This was pushed out in the late 1990s and yes I have one of these.

Apple iPhone

It started in 2004 under a code of secretly and it was called “Project Purple” the mission was to create a new smartphone to increase the capability of the phones to achieve so much more. Would this become a curse or a blessing?

iPhone models

Here is a list of the iPhone models

ModelDatePriceUsed or Had
iPhoneJune 29, 2007$500Nope
iPhone 3GJuly 11, 2008$299Nope
iPhone 3GsJune 19, 2009$299yes
iPhone 4June 21, 2010$299nope
iPhone 4sOctober 14, 2011$399nope
iPhone 5September 21, 2012$399yes
iPhone 5cSeptember 20, 2013$199nope
iPhone 5sSeptember 20, 2013$399nope
iPhone 6/6 plusSeptember 19, 2014$849yes
iPhone 6s/6s plusSeptember 25, 2015$849nope
iPhone SESeptember 12, 2016$499nope
iPhone 7/7 plusSeptember 16, 2016$949yes
iPhone 8/8 PlusSeptember 22, 2017$849nope
iPhone xNovember 3, 2017$699Nope
iPhone xs /xs maxSeptember 21, 2018$1349Nope
iPhone XROctober 26, 2018$899Nope
iPhone 11September 20, 2019$846nope
iPhone 11 pro /11 pro maxSeptember 20, 2019$1149yes

Changed the world

Yes, the iPhone made Apple, changed the world as it was a revolution in technology. They entered into an agreement with Cingular Wireless, which later became AT&T. Where the new iPhone would be used for 30 months with a $150 million investment. Apple spent a total of $647 million on advertising for the iPhone in the US from 2007 to 2011. This was a game-changer indeed.

Pictures of my Phones

Here are pictures of my iPhone over the years.



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