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2008, Google Chrome

It was the year 2000 something and well let’s just say that the only two browsers I used were

  • Internet Explorer
  • Firefox

Yea there were others but those are the ones that I used.

What is it

It is a browser that was designed for Windows and it features the following:

  • Bookmarks and settings synchronization
  • Web standards support
  • Security
  • Password management
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • macOS
  • Security Vulnerabilities
    • This didn’t come in like a saving grace and it was perfect, right? It had some issues with pwn2own from 2009-2011. But it started to have some issues in 2012.
  • Malware blocking and ad blocking
  • Plugins
  • Privacy
    • Incognito mode
    • Listening capabilities
    • User tracking concerns

User Interface

It is just pretty much the normal, just a simple browser with none of the junk or the bulk of stuff that is normally on the browsers. I think it is pretty stable and the speed as well it is better than I have seen.

My opinion

I use this browser on all of my devices, yes I prefer this one I am not sure what it is but I just like it. It seems like it is the best one out there.

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