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Nintendo DSI

So there is another handheld game console launched on November 1, 2008, in Japan and April 2009 worldwide. This is the third Nintendo DS, its primary market rival is Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP).


This started in 2006 towards the end and was the only console to launch without games. Yes, that is correct. The console was backward compatible. It was due to owing to consumer demand they improved the handhelds’ volume and audio quality and made it slimmer with larger screens compared to the older Nintendo DS Lite. It had 4.2 inches (110 mm)


When launched this is how many were shipped:

  • Japan
    • 200,000
  • North America
    • 226,000
  • UK
    • 92,000

I can tell you it was a real success and it was a popular

My opinion

Another handheld for the gamers out there. I never had one. My kids wanted one but we had other handheld consoles. So there really wasn’t the need to have one of these. Nintendo kept upping the game of video games. 

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