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2008, Android

Are we talking about Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation? We might be since he was the first Android around.

Early Years

It was founded by four people, Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White.  Android had a huge potential for mobile devices. Like Digital Camera’s

Have you ever seen a digital camera with an Android OS? I know I haven’t.

Later on, they pitched it as a handset operating system that could compete with Symbian and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

It Looked like a Blackberry phone with a QWERTY Keyboard.

Apple iPhone

Once this came into light, Android had to go back to the drawing board and they decided to focus on just touch screens instead of the normal phones. You know the ones without the touchscreen.

As of 2018

Android has over 2 billion monthly active users and the largest installed base for any operating system and they have 2.6 million apps.  It also is the best-selling OS worldwide on smartphones and tablets


So how did Google come into play here? In 2005 Google brought Android for $50 million, now I am not complaining, I would love to have that. But, what a great return on investment for Google.

My Opinion

The mobile market exploded when Apple came into play and now Android is here and they are leading the way with a lot of devices that run this operating system. It continues to grow and innovate new technologies into the phone and other phone companies have to play catch up.


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