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2006, The Wii

It was the year 2000 something and video games have been around for a while and Nintendo has been there for a while playing games and games. If you didn’t have an N64 then you weren’t a living in this century.


Yes, the Wii was a seventh-generation game console and it broke records in single sales for the month of Dec. 2009. In this release, something new was introduced and that was the Remote controller. It was a device that can detect movement in three dimensions.  It ran on something called optical discs and something called Wii Connect 24 services that would get updates and via the thing called the Internet.


The press wanted to call this game console “Revolution” because Wii might convey a continued sense of Kindness to the console. What??? Kindness to a game console, whatever.

Here is a statement I found on

“Revolution as a name is not ideal; it’s long, and in some cultures, it’s hard to pronounce. So we wanted something that was short, to the point, easy to pronounce, and distinctive. That how “Wii,” as a console name, was created. “


Over 920.66 million Wii games have been sold. Now that is a lot of games. If I had a dollar for every game sold I would over almost be a billionaire. Wii Sports sold 82.36 million copies and that surpassing Super Mario Bros.  However, Minecraft became the best-selling game of all time.  Mario Kart Wii sold 37.14 million copies. I could on and on but I won’t.

My opinion

Yes, I did have one of these,  no I don’t play, but my kids do. Yes,  It was a good fun console. Well, I did play Wii Sports. That was a fun game, I just don’t have time to waste playing video games.

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