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2006, Nintendo DS Lite

Yes, Nintendo is at it again. The Wii was just launched a bit earlier and they have done it again.  Something small and portable.

DS Lite

A month before they released this thy announced it.  It was a major success and people were wanting this thing.  They sold out and some distributors raised the retail price due to the demand. They released 550,000 in March 2006 they didn’t think they would sell that much.  But they sold out of those and they 700,000 during April, but there was still a shortage, as they sold out off and on for the rest of 2006 and 2007. 

They sold about 93.86 million as of March 31, 2014.


It had a dual-screen and was compatible with Game Boy Advance and regular DS games. It had WIFI from other systems and WIFI access points WEP encrypted and unencrypted networks. WPA wasn’t supported and it came in a bunch of different colors.

The Specs

  • 2.9 inches tall
  • 5.2 inches wide
  • .85 inches deep
  • 3.12-inch screen with a 256-pixel resolution
  • Touch Screen
  • Wireless
  • Controls
    • Touch screen
    • Microphone for voice
    • A/B/X/Y face buttons
  • Input/output
  • Picto chat
  • CPUs,  two of them
  • Stereo speakers
  • Lithium-ion battery giving 15 to 19 hours
    • 3 hours to charge it


Nintendo did it again with the lite version, they were blowing up the gaming market and taking it where they wanted it. I didn’t own any of these. I didn’t have the money to keep buying new gaming devices. My kids wanted one but, I didn’t think I should be spending my money on gaming things. This was a novel idea and the world showed that it was worth it. 

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