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2007, iPod Touch

It was the year 2000 and something and Apple just released the iPhone, and now they just put out something called an iPod Touch. What??? So what is an iPod touch, we will find out.

iPod Touch

Well, it is based on the look and feel of the iPhone. However, this won’t run over a cellular network it only will connect over WIFI.  But why would you need to connect to WIFI?  Well, the iPod Touch comes with a bundle of software that will allow you to access the internet. What access the Internet and surf the world wide web, view maps, look at media, work on documents, and spreadsheets and type on a virtual keyboard.


Apple has something called an App Store where you can download apps. Some are free and some cost money. This is the same thing the iPhone connects to get apps. What a novel idea.

Over the course of the years since 2007, there have been a lot of things added to the Touch.  Like adding apps called Facebook, Apple Maps, Passbook.  They have had 7 generations so far.

Did I have one

No, I didn’t. My kids had them, several generations and my wife had one since she didn’t get an iPhone for a few years.

I could go on and on

But, I won’t talk about the charging, the third-party software installs, the different OS’s. The Touch was a great invention it got people used to touch screens since that is the way the world was going. 

I think what Apple did was great. They not only brought forth the iPhone but brought forth something that would let people get used to a touch screen.  So they would buy and iPhone later on. That is my opinion anyway.

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