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ABC app is where we will start out. Since it is the first letter of the alphabet. You can watch the current shows that are currently on ABC. For instanse, like The Rookie, I can watch 5 epsoides, they aren’t in order they have pad locked S2, Ep. 11 and […]

What Now

Now you have seen a bit of technology that is leading up the technology that we use today.  Over the next little bit I will be talking about certain apps for the iPhone. Why iPhone Well that is what I have and that is what I know. So I will […]

Nintendo Switch

It was the year 2010 and something and all was quiet on the video game side of things until a new gaming system was released. Yes, a new gaming system was released what difference will this make now. There are so many gaming systems out there. September 20 Changed the […]


It was the year 2000 and something and well the headphone era just changed big time.  Yes,  the headphones have changed from the time in the 1970s but this was a game-changer. Head Phones In the 1970’s yes, that was a long time ago like a galaxy far far away. […]