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USB Charger / Plug

This really isn’t a smart home item, but it is part of my smart home setup. Why? Let’s talk about it.

What type of plug is it

This plug has 6 US plugs and 4 USB ports. We had this in the kitchen and we went from a 2 plug outlet to the following:

Why this plug

Why did I get this plug? Well on our bar, we only had access to 4 outlets. They were located in the wall next to the phone/TV plug, we had a small TV plugged in there for a while, I plugged my laptop in it or a crockpot. Then one at the end of the bar. Where we plugged in crock pots, rice makers, laptops. Put where would I plug in my USB devices. Yea we had some USB devices. So I got looking and found that plug above.  I could plug in a lot of things and it was really useful. My wife liked it, which was rare, so she could plug her phone or tablet while in the kitchen. She didn’t however, like all the USB cords.

Use it any where

You can use this plug almost anywhere you have two US outlets, due to the configuration of how you plug this in.

You have 3 prong look to it. Plug a plastic thing to go into the grounding slot of the bottom plug. That is how all 6 of the outlets and the 4 USB ports.  You can use this in any room you need extra plugs and USB ports.


This plug is only for indoor use only. Hopefully, you aren’t that stupid and use this outside. Come on people, all it takes is thinking.


Right now I am using it in my office, I have a printer a scent thing, and my vacuum, which I will talk about later on this blog. So come on back.

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