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When you first open this up, it goes thru some of the shows on TBS like Conan and Samantha Bee then it gets to the home page set up.  It has 6 shows you can slide thru and they are Wrecked Angie Tribeca Full Frontal With Samantha Bee American Dad […]


This app just sucks… enough said. Here is my take on this app. I used to love to watch the SYFY channel until they ruined it.  I downloaded this app thinking that I will get to catch up on some shows that I have seen. Let’s take Dark matter for […]

Netflix App

Netflix started out in 1997 with renting DVD’s,  925 of them to be exact all without late fees. at one point they shipped out 1 million DVD’s a day. What does this have to do with the streaming app? Well, I am getting to that. They started to move away […]

iOS TV App

It was the year 2000 and something and there was an app called iOS TV. Well, I had written something up about this, but this no longer exists. It is gone and replaced I will be talking about the replacement app a bit later. Why not just talk about it […]


it was the year 2007 and News Corporation, NBC Universal and Providence Equity Partners joined together to form a new adventure to start a streaming service. Later on The Walt Disney Company joined the group. In 2010 they launched a subscription service called Hulu Plus. Hulu So when you open […]

History App

When opening up the History app on the iPad first thing it said is “”History” Would Like to Send You Notifications” I selected the don’t allow option. Next thing it did was take me to a screen like this.  I choose the maybe later option, why would I create one. […]