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Directv yes that satellite company has as an app. Who doesn’t have one of these? If you have a smartphone and you have this as your TV provider, then you will need to grab this app.

What is it

That is what it looks like. You open it up and yes you have to an account for it. You sign and you can do the following:

  • Broswe for TV
  • Watch on iPhone

When you click on the iPhone option it takes away your local channels and for me, it puts up CNN newsroom with Poppy something channel 202. it starts a video and for me, I don’t like that for a number of reasons.

The browse for the TV option is just that. You can look through the schedule and find something you want to watch. Say I want to watch Hangar 1: The UFO Files on the History channel. (They aren’t paying me, I just like UFOs) I go find that and click on it. It will give you some options and you will be able to watch it on your phone. Quite nice.

The Bad

Alright, this is just my opinion and all but it really sucks at using the DVR. My wife loves the DVR and she uses it all the time. However, you can’t delete or watch your DVR from the app. Only select shows on demand. It says you do it. You will have to do register your device. I think I gave up after the 30th time registering my device. I did that found my show, miracle at that, but it will only allow me to watch it on the TV.  However, underneath that option in small writing it has shown more. That will allow you to watch it on your phone. If you are in your home network, Not out and about. Main in the butt. I don’t know how many phone calls, text messages, Facebook messages, smoke signals, and Morse code from my wife to get this working for her so she can watch it anywhere besides the house.

Also, it takes forever to download stuff to your iPhone or iPad to watch while we are on a trip. Yes, it does have that option and my wife likes to watch her shows on a plane or a ship.


It is an Okay app, it has some good things and some bad things. I just like it to see what is on to see if I can watch it. That is if my wife isn’t recording 5 TV shows. So if you have Directv get the app and see what you think of it.

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